A new fact may be hidden behind the love.
How many people are you loved by from the birth till death?
Whom are you loved by?
On earth, how much love is it?
For the human being, It is all the living joy that it is loved.

However, love is full of the mystery.
You must pay close attention so that you may not shed tears by love.
There are some knots in the life.
Gain it carefully securely.
We help you by making the most of the know-how which got it by our actual results, and the latest technology.

In such a worry...

  • When you felt discredit in love nad a lie
  • A problem between the married couples
  • Find a runaway or a missing person (request from the family)
  • The countermeasure of stoker
  • The search investigation of the tapping machine
  • Guard
  • General investigation
  • Others...
    The materials collection of the damages
    Proof collection for the judgment
    The proof collection of the traffic accident
    The commercial credit research
    The proof collection of the civil event
    The proof collection of the criminal case
    The infringement of the right
    Market research
    Overseas investigation
    Enterprise investigation, and so on

Unified fee
All Japan
No rest

Urban detective agency for women
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Chuou-ku, Fukuoka-shi, Fukuoka 810-0062
Phone: +81-92-761-3114(representative).

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