These goods can detect semen.
For example, the semen which sticks to the clothes such as underwear can be detected.
The semen which remains in the sex organs sticks to the underwear even if it is washed well with the shower after the energy.

The semen which was shot and that energy was done and which was excreted out of the vagina and which stuck to the underwear can be checked, too.

Detection sensitivity

The semen thinned in 10 times, and a prostate secretion liquid can be detected.
The semen which stuck to the underwear and so on can be detected after the adhesion until about one week.

The contents of the goods

Spray A liquid.
Spray B liquid.

How to use

Corresponding to the area that semen sticks.
Jet A liquid about 3-5 times.
For about 1 minute rest, jet B liquid about 3-5 times in the part.


Semen/adhesion Yes. The spot of brilliant blue is seen.
Semen/adhesion No. Discoloration isn't seen.
! Blue is added in the case of the underwear of beige, yellow, pink.
! When the color of the underwear is black, put white cloth after jetting.Blue sticks to the white cloth.
! Blue adhesion disappears in several minutes.

Attention in use

Never jet it directly in the skin, the mucous membrane.
Never jet it in the mouth, nose, eye.
Don't drink by accident.
Wash it away well with the water when a liquid sticks to the skin, the mucous membrane, and so on.
Use the underwear which our liquid was used for after a wash.

Storage and attention in handling

Keep it in the place where a baby doesn't reach it and where direct sunlight doesn't hit it.

Use time limit

After unsealing, three months.


4cc/about 10 times.

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